“Chronicle of Pale Cherry Blossoms”



Known alternately as “Chronicle of Pale Cherry Blossoms” and “Samurai Vendetta”; this film rocketed Katsu Shintaro to major stardom alongside Ichikawa Raizo who was already a superstar. It tells the tale of two great swordsmen, Tange Tenzen (Ichikawa) and Nakayama Yasubei (Katsu), who after becoming good friends wind up on opposite sides of the vendetta between Lord Asano’s retainers and the family of Lord Kira that led to the famous revenge of the 47 Ronin (Chushingura). The story is told in flashback as Yasubei and the other 46 ronin are marching to Kira’s mansion through the snowstorm on that fateful night. This is one of the greatest motion pictures of all time with a story of love, honor, and betrayal that leads to a conclusion of epic proportions.

Starring: ICHIKAWA Raizo, KATSU Shintaro, MAKI Chitose, Screenplay by: ITO Daisuke, Directed by: MORI Kazuo

Anamorphic (16:9) Widescreen - Color - 110 minutes - 1959
Subtitled Theatrical Trailer

Price: $29.95